Vegabay at Nusic future sound session

I was lucky enough to be able to work with the guys from Vegabay last night while recording the latest Nusic future session.

Vegabay are a really great new Indie band from Nottingham. You can check some of their tracks out on youtube

As for the Nusic future session, a new one showcasing new upcoming Nottingham bands is available every other monday. Check Nusic out here and watch the last session below.

Check us out!!



My NAMM 2017 round up.

I’ve been a bit busy to post loads of updates so I thought I’d just do a round up of what has peaked my interest so far.

New Way Huge fuzz pedals!

Way huge have released a few new pedals but the ones they have been showing off that I like have got to be.

The conquistador

The conquistador is a “fuzzstortion” thats a bit of a fuzz and a bit of a distortion.  Has a fat Kyuss, early Queens of The Stone age desert rock sort of tone. One  cool thing about it seems to be the gate it has that kicks in when you stop playing. 





Russian Pickle
Its not hard to see what the origins of this pedal are. Its packed with the original New Old Stock transistors that were in the original green Sovtek russuan Big Muffs.



There is a good demo of it below from Andertons.

MXR also have some new bass gear out, but of all of them i think my favourite has to be the Sub Bass octave.Essentially its two completely different circuits. One is the bass octave with a fuzz in it and then it has all kinds of different output options, wet and dry mix and separate eq controls. 

There another Andertons video below.  I know I keep using these but they are the best so far!





Lastly this has caught my eye…

I don’t know what this is. But I think I want one!!

Its NAMM 2017 time!!

Its that time of the year again. Time for the music industry to release a load of drool worthy gear we can’t quite afford after the holiday season. Yep its winter NAMM time!

It doesn’t start properly until later today UK time, but a couple of people seem to be posting from there already, so what I will try and do here is collect together some interesting stuff or things I think are cool.

Looking forward to some Orange gear. Andertons here in the UK have posted a sneaky peak of some new Rocker amps. you can see below.

Stay tuned, theres more to come!